The Best Gadgets to Accessorize Your Mobile Phone

The Best Gadgets to Accessorize Your Mobile Phone

These days, just about everybody has a Mobile phone . . . and not just any old Mobile phone, but the latest, all singing, all dancing models which come with this, that and plenty of the other all built-in.

What many people don’t realize is that there’s a great range of Mobile phone accessories which can make the whole “Mobile phone experience” even better . . . safer and more enjoyable. So which are the top selling, the very best Mobile phone accessories which we can buy to make our Mobile phone experience better and better?

Mobile Phone Case

Any old cell phone case, the very best idea for a Mobile phone case has to be genuine leather. This is one Mobile phone accessory which can extend the life of your Mobile phone considerably . . . protecting it from everyday knocks and bumps, built-in belt clip so that you always know where your Mobile phone is, plastic covers to protect the key pads.

I know that modern Mobile phones are made of pretty sturdy stuff but there’s only so much abuse that even the toughest Mobile phone can handle . . . a leather Mobile phone case can help to both prolong its life and keep it clean.

Magnetic Amplified Antenna  

This is one Mobile phone accessory which isn’t necessary for every Mobile phone user, but for others they’re indispensable. If you have to travel a lot for your work or for your play, then this will give an extra boost to the signal your Mobile phone receives when you’re in an area which is weak.

Installation is easy and these Mobile phone accessories are brilliant for keeping in the car, in your home or office. You know how you always seem to be driving through a tunnel during the important part of your telephone call . . .

Vibrating Belt Clip

Now we’re talking, this sounds like a great accessory either with or without a Mobile phone!  The vibrations are very discreet for if you receive a call on your Mobile phone whilst you’re in that important meeting at work or sitting in the movies. If your Mobile phone already has a vibrate mode you can simply switch it off ‘cost you won’t need it . . . and it’ll make your Mobile phone battery last even longer.

Long Lasting Mobile Phone Batteries 

The great Mobile phone accessories too, for those people who get really fed up of having to recharge their batteries every five hours or so It’s actually a great idea to get into the habit of carrying a spare battery with you.

Mobile Rapid Mobile Phone Charger

If you don’t have long lasting Mobile phone batteries, (or even if you do but you still use up the charge on your Mobile phone regularly) then it’s also a great idea to have a mobile rapid Mobile phone charger in the car.

It’s also great for those people who do occasionally forget to re-charge their Mobile phone batteries whilst they’re at home, and don’t realize until it’s far too late. This is one Mobile phone accessory which acts as a great insurance policy.

Hands Free Kit 

The ultimate Mobile phone accessory it’s not only dangerous but generally illegal to speak on your Mobile phone while you’re driving . . . but what happens if you need to make or receive an important phone call while you’re out on the road. Hands free kits usually recharge your phone from the vehicles battery too . . . so that’s a double whammy!

Hands Free Earpiece 

This Mobile phone accessory goes even one step further than the hands free kit. With this gadget you can talk freely without it interfering with you going about your daily business . . . driving included.

They’re also great for private conversations . . . I remember once being the passenger in a car when the driver received a call from her partner on a hands free kit with a loudspeaker . . .

it was only after the first couple of sentences that she got the chance to tell him that she was not alone in the car . . . . We giggled about that one for months! I think he bought her a hands free earpiece the following Christmas . . .

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