Why is Cloud Hosting Well-Suited for Small Scale Businesses and Startups?

As digitization spread its roots in the world, many new businesses evolved, giving birth to a market full of startups and small-scale businesses. Also, with the world moving online, businesses of all sizes needed to have a strong presence on the Internet to attract new clients and service the existing ones. The Internet can be a tough place with large corporations and startups vying for the attention of the same set of users. Hence, having a website that performs at par with the big players is a necessity for most small businesses.

It is important to remember that web hosting service plays a vital role in the performance of a website. Hence, choosing the right web hosting service is crucial to the success of a startup or a small business. Today, we will be talking about Cloud Hosting services and look at the reasons that make them well-suited to such small businesses.

What do startups and SMBs need from a web hosting service?

  1. Being young organizations, the IT budget for web hosting is not very high. Hence, these businesses need a cost-efficient hosting service.
  2. While the initial hosting resource requirements are low, social media and search engines can turn a small business into an overnight success. Hence, the hosting service needs to be easily scalable.
  3. Other hygiene aspects like maximum uptime, fast-loading pages, and top-notch security are essential features of a hosting service for a small business website.

Cloud Hosting for Startups and SMBs

When you opt for a Cloud Hosting plan, your site resides on a shared server that is backed by a robust cloud storage network. It makes Cloud Hosting highly reliable and enables it to offer the following benefits that make it ideal for startups and SMBs.

1. Site Speed

Good Cloud Hosting providers deploy powerful servers with a built-in caching solution like Varnish Cache. These caching solutions can boost your site speed by up to 1000x! As a startup, you would want to be known as a brand that values its user’s time. Hence, a fast-loading site is a must, making Cloud Hosting the right choice.

2. Cost-efficiency

As a startup, the price of the hosting service plays a vital role since budgets are tight, and a lot needs to be done within the limited finances. While Cloud Hosting is not the cheapest service around, it offers the most value for your money. This service has been designed for growing websites with features like instant resource scalability and data redundancy. You can get a range of benefits that can help you establish and grow your business by paying a little extra than say a Shared Hosting service.

3. Resource Scalability

As a startup, one thing is sure – you will attempt to increase your basket of services and products. Hence, with time, you can expect a rise in site traffic. Cloud Hosting allows you to start with minimal resources and increase them as the site traffic grows. Most providers can scale up your resources at the click of a mouse button.

4. Reliability

If a website has frequent downtimes or performance issues, then users tend to stay away from it. If the business is new, then such problems can create a brand reputation of unreliability. Most Cloud Hosting plans come bundled with 99.9% uptime assurance making is a perfect fit for startups and small-scale businesses.

Summing Up

As you can see, Cloud Hosting fits the hosting requirements of a website belonging to a startup or an SMB. Every website is different. Hence, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting needs and choose the best hosting service accordingly. Good Luck!

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