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Tips on choosing the right Website & SEO Company

A business cannot even think of flourishing let alone dream about expansion if it does not have a strong digital presence. A digital presence that can help your brand convert leads into clients and visits into sales is only possible when your company has an SEO-backed, impressively designed, and seamless-to-use website.

So, when you choose a website development/SEO agency make sure that you look for or ask about the following qualities:-

Hire a website and SEO company after taking a look at their previous projects

In the opinion of a spokesperson for Optimise Online – one of the renowned website design companies in Perth, Australia, you should never hire a website designing and SEO company without taking a look at the work that they had done previously for businesses that are similar to the one you own.

By asking for case studies about the websites they have designed for their clients and the website content they have refined using SEO strategies that work, you will be able to gauge the overall abilities of the agency and whether or not the website designing team it has will be able to satiate your needs.

It will also allow you to understand whether or not the SEO strategies that the agency follows are on par with the latest trends and your unique requirements.

A strong SEO specialist team and website designing team will allow your business to – 

  • Increase its conversion rates
  • Reduce its website bounce rates
  • Increase its revenues through sales increments and much more!

Ensure that the agency also emphasizes conversion rate optimization as well

If the agency associated with Perth web design also prioritizes CRO (or Conversion Rate Optimization) when it is assigned to help a client with improving the content of the latter’s website then you are on the right path.

Why does CRO matter?

Well, it is the one factor that will ensure visitors to your website are converted into clients and a visit turns into a full-blown shopping spree.

An ideal website designing and SEO agency will improve the CRO factor of your website by:-

  • AB testing all the headlines
  • AB testing all the buttons on your website
  • AB testing of all the color schemes used
  • AB testing the design elements placed across the website and its landing pages.

It is best to choose an agency that can impart impeccable after-sales support

It will be the best decision if you choose to hire a web designing and SEO agency that offers support to your website for as long as the same is life. Your relation with the agency will not end as soon as the website is made live and you have paid their dues.

An ideal web designing and SEO agency will extend their support whenever you need to – 

  • Set up email
  • Reset a password
  • Add updated website content
  • Add new landing pages
  • Publish articles/blogs or
  • Subject your website to minor updates with each passing year.

Choose an agency that offers the above services and you will be sorted.

You need to make sure that the agency you have chosen to create your business website is capable enough to also handle all the SEO needs of your venture. It is the only way your brand will enjoy a strong digital presence. For more details on this matter, be sure to get in touch with a revered digital marketing company today.

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