Super Basic Method to Import Video From PC to Smartphone

Super Basic Method to Import Video From PC to Smartphone

I want to watch videos on my computer on my smartphone. It is a very basic method for beginners to import PC videos to smartphones.
There is a smart way to synchronize I tunes or W MP with apps, but it’s for those who find it cumbersome and confusing just to connect the PC and smartphone via USB.

How to import videos from your PC to your smartphone as

You can see, it’s super easy to watch super basic videos. If you connect your PC and smartphone via USB, you can see the folders on your smartphone’s SD card on your computer. Of the folder, Video is the incorporation Exit If you copy videos from the PC to the folder called.
However, there are several modes when a PC and smartphone are connected via USB, which is a little complicated, and the way the USB connection mode is called and the setting location differs depending on the model.

MT P mode

MT P mode is a mode in which files can be transferred between PC and smartphone. You can use your smartphone like a media player, and you can operate your smartphone while connected to a PC via USB. However, the connected PC must support MT P mode.

Card reader mode

This mode uses a smartphone as a card reader and an SD card as a ream bubble disk (external disk). You cannot operate your smartphone while connected. Mounting and safe removal are required.

The USB connection mode setting is often set in the USB connection settings in the settings or externally connected USB connection, and there are also high-speed transfer mode and power supply mode.

Video file format

By default, it looks like an MP 4 video, but if you put the M X video player app, you can also play FL V and so on. As for the size of the movie, in my case I am encoding with a resolution of 320 x 180 and a bit rate of 1000 kbps. It is beautiful enough and still large, and if it is too large, it may not be able to play properly.

Music can be imported in the same way, but there are some differences in settings such as album art.

Recently, I often watch videos on you tube, etc., and it may be rare to watch videos once I have taken it in, but I took it up as a basic self-study study.

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