These Original Android Translucent Camera Applications

These Original Android Translucent Camera Applications

Translucent Camera Applications

Today’s technology is developing very rapidly, it’s no wonder more and more unique applications are popping up here and make me curious one of which is transparent camera applications .

No doubt, after the emergence of this application much loved because of its uniqueness and many people are curious whether it can really be transparent or not. For those of you gadgets who are curious about this unique Android invisibility camera application and the list that the gadgets team provides;

X-Ray Scanner

X-Ray Scanner is a transparent application that can display the desired organs in the body. The way to use it is very easy, just point your smartphone at body objects such as legs, head, or hands and the results will be very surprising. This X-Ray Scanner is one of the transparent camera applications for Samsung that you can download easily.

Human X-Ray Scanner

One of the original android see-through camera applications that can be used for jokes with friends is the human X-ray scanner. This application allows you to see your internal organs and body bones directly, but you don’t need to worry, the resulting image is not your actual framework, it can be made to peel friends. Also read: The Best I phone Photo Edit Application for You!

X – Ray Scanner Pro

For BlackBerry owners, doesn’t worry about not being able to taste the best Android invisibility camera app,

You still can?

There is a transparent blackberry camera application known as X-ray Scanner Pro. In this application you are given 4 transparent scan options, namely, the head, hands, men, and women. But keep in mind, this application is not real and is used for entertainment only.

Moose jaw X-Ray

I Phone transparent camera application that you can try is Moose jaw X-Ray. Unlike previous applications, Moose jaw X-Ray can only be used to scan models on a catalog from Moose jaw. With this application you will be able to see the models in the catalog wearing only underwear.

Sexy Booth +

Is there a transparent camera application for PC already available?

So far there is still no news that there are transparent applications for PC, but for smartphones there are already many. One that you can try is Sexy Booth + which can be see-through on clothing.

By directing the smartphone to people who are not less than 2 meters, you have seen it only wearing underwear only. But, don’t think about it first. This application is not really transparent; it’s just combining photos of sexy women or athletic men who have been prepared in the program. So it looks like it’s really not.

Free Prank Body Scanner

If there are many invisibility applications for smartphones,

What about invisibility camera applications for Nokia?

It seems also still not heard from. Maybe it will follow soon.

No need to be sad, for those of you who have smartphones, androids, or even I Phones, free body scanner prank can be enjoyed as one of the transparent applications that have 2 choices of X-ray photos, for the human skeleton and monkey merrymaker. Immediately download and tease friends using this application.

Censored Camera

The next android invisibility camera application that is an Android invisibility camera application by the developer is called Camera Censored. You gadgets can also view cool photos or images with the Android invisibility camera application, which is Censored Camera and this Android camera application can give effects such as pixels, text, black boxes, blur and some other affects you know gadgets.

That’s transparent camera applications that can be tried to install on your smartphone. Immediately install so as not to miss the association like other friends gadgets.

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