Which Android Tablets Run Honeycomb

The mushrooming of new Android tablet products has put the market in competitive mode. There is a variety of factors that consumers are viewing as the key factor when deciding on y a new tablet.

The Operating System is one of these key features. Android is the most popular OS and the latest version, 3.0, is called Honeycomb. It is developed specifically for tablets as opposed 2.x versions, which are essentially smartphone operating systems.

Lots of manufacturers are involved in the development of tablets based on Android 3.0 Honeycomb including Motorola, Samsung ASUS, Toshiba and Ace, all of which are either developing or getting stared with tablets based on Honeycomb. Let’s have a look at the products that are withering available or in the pipeline.

The Motorola Zoom is developed as a multi-venture between Google, Verizon and Motorola. It is a really cool gadget and currently available on the market. It has some exciting new features and a new interface specially designed for the product, including new versions of Google Maps, Gmail, Calendar and new home screen customization.

Above all it is a 3 D experience thanks to its powerful NVidia Tetra 2 processor/graphics. It has support to latest technologies and will be upgraded in couple of months with support for 4 G L TE wireless.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is another much talked-about product that may rock the market globally this year. It is an exciting product with support of latest tech, and it is of course based on Honeycomb. The gadget is highly anticipated in the US market and elsewhere; Samsung already has a great reputation and the field thanks to the manufacturer’s Galaxy series of Android smartphones.

ASUS is also in the middle of launching tablet/laptop hybrids which are all using Android 3.0. ASUS is taking on a different angle by integrating multiple functionality in their products like in the transformer and Epee-PAD-Memo these are interesting multipurpose devices that may have great future ahead of them simply for being unique.

Toshiba has also announced an android 3.0 honeycomb-based tablet. This one comes with a dual core Tetra 2 processor and appears to be a light weight gadget. It has dual cameras, USB, mini-USB ports, HD MI output and a high 1280×800 pixel resolution on a 10.1-inch touch screen.

Acer has launched two tablets based on honeycomb. These two models are iconic A 100 and iconic A 500. Both are nice-looking products with 7-inch and 10.1-inch touch screens respectively. The Acer iconic A 100 with 7 inch is good for pocket-level mobility while the iconic A 500 with its 10.1-inch screen is better suited for heavy duty applications. It has an NVidia Tetra 2 Processor, a 1280×768 pixel screen and two cameras: front facing and rear facing.

The 5 Reasons to Buy a 7 Inch Tablet

The clever little tablets have definitely taken the world by storm. Tech savvy people all over the world have identified the opportunities this gadget can bring to the table and tablets are selling like hot cakes from electronic store shelves. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, most of them offer equal amounts of convenience depending on what you are looking for.

From Apple I Pad 2 to the Epee Pad Transformer to the Dell Streak 7, each has their unique advantages. But the smaller category has a few distinct advantages and here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a 7-inch tablet over a larger one.

Reason 1 – Portable:

When compared to your computer at home, tablets offer portability. Now you may wonder: your laptop can offer you that advantage and your smart phone offers you internet connectivity you need of the go as well.

However, in terms of convenient portability the tablet scores over both the smart phone and the laptop as the tablet boots much faster than a laptop and the screen is larger as compared to your smart phone. It may be a little heavy to operate with just one hand, but it is a great companion on the bus or your metro ride or while you are waiting at a restaurant for your date to arrive.

Reason 2 – Efficiency:

If you have already used the tablet, you can vouch for the fact that the experience is like nothing else. Over and above the fact that it can be carried around with ease and browsing web pages easily, the tablet allows you to organize various things better from jotting down notes during a meeting to storing essential information so that you do not have to carry around cumbersome files wherever you go.

The tablet is easy to use and once you get familiar with the various features it has to offer you can use it to increase your efficiency at work and at home for managing various tasks.

Reason 3 – Fun:

Your laptop may be too big to open up on the bus to watch a movie and your smart phone will too small to read an e book or even surf the web. This is where the seven inches table fits in perfectly. You have access to entertainment on the go with this rightly sized device especially if you are looking for entertainment. Watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite songs or even read that book you have been putting off for days.

Reasons 4 – Adaptability:

If you pick the right tablet, you can easily power up your device with a number of applications you can purchase from online stores. These apps will allow you to use it as you please. Depending on what you need, you can choose from sports applications, games, news, entertainment and whatever you can conjure up can be achieved with this neat little gadget.

Reason 5 – Battery Life:

When you buy something that offers on-the-go convenience you do not want to keep plugging it in to keep it going. The 7-inches tablet scores here, too. The amazing battery life will last you a full day.

The Windows 8 Takes Aim on Tablets

Support for tablets is one of the main innovations in Windows 8 and this might just develop into another platform war between Microsoft and Apple–possibly sidelining Android in the process. Some experts believe that Microsoft is already too late to the tablet market, but the launch of Windows 8 for tablets might come at the right time nonetheless.

When Apple released the I Pad, the analysts were correct to assume that the competitors would be releasing a plethora of alternatives based on Google’s Android. Such as the Motorola Zoom, Acer’s Ionia Tab A 500, ASUS’ Transformer and many others.

They we not entirely correct in believing that the competitors could beat the I Pad thanks to better hardware and lower prices. This has obviously not happened, as the I Pad continues to be the market leader, although it has certainly lost some ground to its android counterparts.

Just recently RIM admitted that its Blackberry Playbook had only shipped half as many units of for the second quarter compared with the previous quarter. Android has made ​​any a reasonable amount of progress, but unfortunately a lot of developers primarily focus on apps for Android smartphones, without adapting them for use on larger tablet screens.

With Windows 8, Microsoft goes all-in on tablets and invests heavily in touch screen functionality and ARM processor support. The future is in mobile devices, according to Microsoft, and Windows 8 will supposedly play a central role in the future.

All forecasts indicate that tablet sales will continue to increase in and Microsoft will get to compete in yet another area with its old arch-rival.

Apple is already well entrenched in the market and has the upper hand, of course. The question then is whether Microsoft can rise up to the challenge and beat Apple in a field where others have been mildly successful.

Windows is Windows and regardless of the tablet transformation it will no doubt have a different approach to the whole concept compared to Apple. Apple is basing its entire iPhone and I Pad franchise on the scaled-down ions operating. This entire ecosystem is built around apps, and thanks to the strong range of apps.

Apple has managed to retain customer interest. Android tablets, on the other hand, have mainly been marketed based on their hardware supremacy over the I Pad, but has largely failed to deliver a good and tablet-optimized selection of apps.

Now Microsoft will of course expect all apps to run in full screen mode with full functionality, and it is hard to argue that Microsoft has its fair share of applications already that could be easily converted to run on tablets. Moreover, instead of using static icons, Microsoft wants to make home screen a dynamic experience in which all elements display constantly fresh information.

The so-called “cloud” that we’ve heard so much about will also play a part in Windows 8, and Microsoft is already on top of that with Windows Live. Just as with Android’s Google apps, users can log in with their Windows Live ID and keep their files, settings, contacts and so on in the ether instead of stored on the device.

Instead of competing in who has the most apps, Microsoft wants to change how the device works. In Windows 8, apps will be able to communicate with each other over the cloud in a way that is missing from Apple’s ions. A tighter integration between the apps and cloud services is one thing that Microsoft hopes will enhance the user experience.

Another one of the reasons that Microsoft can succeed is the most obvious one–that Windows is still the most widely used operating system in the world and is already used by billions. In other words, there is no chance whatsoever that Windows 8 will be a dud.

Billions of users are already accustomed to how Windows works, whether it’s on PCs or tablets. By retaining the old Windows interface to some extent, users can still work in their existing software while being able to take advantage of a new environment that is consistent both on their home computer and tablet.

One of the problems that come to mind is that of Windows and battery life/power efficiency. While Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors, it may still have problems reaching the incredibly long battery lives that I Pad and Android tablet owners enjoy. Moreover, software created for Windows 7 will not run on ARM-based Windows 8 without modifications.

Top 10 Android Tablets Who Make History

The Android tablets are upon us. There have been countless launches already and still more are scheduled to be launched this year along with intensive marketing efforts to compete with Apple’s already firmly established I Pad in its various versions. Following is a list of the Android tablets that we expect to be in the top ten of this year’s crop in terms of features and overall quality.

Asus Epee Pad Transformer Prime

One of the most popular tablets has been significantly improved.  As seen in the picture, this is a dual purpose gadget that can be used both as tablet and as a laptop. It has a keyboard base that can be attached and detached from the actual tablet, which now houses the powerful Tetra 3 quad-core processor.

It has a 10.1-inch touch screen with dual cameras at 1.2 megapixels and 8 megapixels respectively. Other specs include 1 GB of RAM, up to 64 GB of SSD storage and a micro HDMI port. The flexibility of this device along with the fact that it uses Asus’ established Epee brand should ensure that it gets quite a few users. Up to 12 hours of battery life without the dock and 18 with the keyboard dock attached isn’t bad either.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The Galaxy Tab was one of the most talked-about tablets and it’s still popular for good reasons. It comes with a 10.1-inch TFT touch screen and runs Google’s tablet-specific Android 3 Honeycomb. It has two unusually capable cameras–one front cameras for video chatting (2 megapixels) and a rear camera with 8 megapixel resolution.

It has an attractive home screen and multiple widgets to customize the tablet’s looks and behavior. A Tetra 2 dual core processor with a 1.0 GHz clock speed has the interface and any apps running smoothly.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s venture into the Android universe was well received. The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that runs a customized version of Android, which gives you easy access to the huge variety of different content on offer at Amazon.com.

For $199, it gives you a great deal of hardware for the money, including a dual-core 1 GHz Texas Instruments Cortex A 9 OM AP 4 processor and 8 gigs of built-in storage.

No other tablets with the same feature set can really compete with the price tag on the Kindle Fire, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a unit in the 7-inch form factor.

This is both a technological achievement and a tablet that will likely be very popular thanks to the marketing multi-venture of the three giants Motorola, Verizon and Google. It’s an excellent product with a high resolution screen, light weight, and physical-button-free design. It has also had the advantage of being first on the market with the Android version 3.0 Honeycomb OS, which is tailored specifically for tablets.

It has dual cameras–one front-facing for video chats and one at the back of the screen. The resolution is 1280×800 pixels with touch-screen capability. The usual hardware buttons have been replaced with soft-buttons and thanks to powerful hardware, 3 D games and other graphics-heavy apps will all run smoothly on the Zoom.

Cisco Caius Tablet

This android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet is designed for business users and the name Cisco will speak for itself. The global leader in communication and data infrastructure has teamed up with AT&T to bring this tablet to the corporate market.

Cisco has integrated lots of hardware for businesses who want their employees to stay connected, including not only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but also 3 G & 4 G capability. It has a smaller 7-inch W S VGA touch screen with video conferencing and Web Ex capability. The name is intended to be pronounced “See Us”.

HTC Flyer

That the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC would join the tablet rush was not the least bit unexpected. Flyer runs Android version 2.4 Gingerbread and comes with a 7-inch touch screen that brings the weight down to 14.82 ounces.

The screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels and it uses a single core 1.5 GHz processor, 32 GB of internal storage and 1 GB D DR 2 RAM. It supports HS D PA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A USB connection is available and many media file formats are supported, making it suitable for watching movies and video chatting on the go.

Dell Streak 7

The Dell Streak 7 is a nice and small tablet manufactured by Dell and based on Android version 2.2. It has a 7-inch screen with several specifically designed applications for multimedia and communication uses. It supports Adobe flash and comes with dual cameras. Another interesting feature is an entertainment app called “Stage” which is a one stop shop for various games and videos.

Toshiba Thrive

This is an interesting new product with excellent specs. An NVIDIA Tetra 2 processor powers Android 3.1 and a 10.1-inch touch sensitive screen with dual cameras, Wi-Fi, 2.5 G, 3 G and HS D PA capability. It is very lightweight at 771 grams and it looks very compact overall. A few proprietary features make it stand out in the crowd including media apps and Flash support.

Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink Adam is a high-end device with an NVIDIA dual core TETRA 250 processor. It promises lots of proprietary apps to sway the tablet buyer including a 3 D gaming experience and comic book reading. Adobe Air and Flash are supported. It has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G capabilities. One of the most appealing features is a Tran’s elective 10.1-inch display that lets you stop worrying about reflections.

Acer Ionia A500

Acer has developed this device based on Android Honeycomb 3.0. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch capacities touch screen and under the hood sits a powerful NV I D IA Tetra 2 processor. Other specs include dual cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, G SM and UM TS support and 1 GB of RAM.

On the whole a very neat-looking and capable gadget

Sony’s Play station Tablets

Sony is expecting their upcoming Play station-certified tablets to take the world by storm and grab a major market share almost immediately, and they could be right. Targeting gamer with the established Play station brand is probably a great move and the tablets are likely to deliver on their promise of gaming capability. Moreover they come with Android 3.0, which should turn them into excellent multi-purpose gadgets.

The Best Gadgets to Accessorize Your Mobile Phone

These days, just about everybody has a Mobile phone . . . and not just any old Mobile phone, but the latest, all singing, all dancing models which come with this, that and plenty of the other all built-in.

What many people don’t realize is that there’s a great range of Mobile phone accessories which can make the whole “Mobile phone experience” even better . . . safer and more enjoyable. So which are the top selling, the very best Mobile phone accessories which we can buy to make our Mobile phone experience better and better?

Mobile Phone Case

Any old cell phone case, the very best idea for a Mobile phone case has to be genuine leather. This is one Mobile phone accessory which can extend the life of your Mobile phone considerably . . . protecting it from everyday knocks and bumps, built-in belt clip so that you always know where your Mobile phone is, plastic covers to protect the key pads.

I know that modern Mobile phones are made of pretty sturdy stuff but there’s only so much abuse that even the toughest Mobile phone can handle . . . a leather Mobile phone case can help to both prolong its life and keep it clean.

Magnetic Amplified Antenna  

This is one Mobile phone accessory which isn’t necessary for every Mobile phone user, but for others they’re indispensable. If you have to travel a lot for your work or for your play, then this will give an extra boost to the signal your Mobile phone receives when you’re in an area which is weak.

Installation is easy and these Mobile phone accessories are brilliant for keeping in the car, in your home or office. You know how you always seem to be driving through a tunnel during the important part of your telephone call . . .

Vibrating Belt Clip

Now we’re talking, this sounds like a great accessory either with or without a Mobile phone!  The vibrations are very discreet for if you receive a call on your Mobile phone whilst you’re in that important meeting at work or sitting in the movies. If your Mobile phone already has a vibrate mode you can simply switch it off ‘cost you won’t need it . . . and it’ll make your Mobile phone battery last even longer.

Long Lasting Mobile Phone Batteries 

The great Mobile phone accessories too, for those people who get really fed up of having to recharge their batteries every five hours or so It’s actually a great idea to get into the habit of carrying a spare battery with you.

Mobile Rapid Mobile Phone Charger

If you don’t have long lasting Mobile phone batteries, (or even if you do but you still use up the charge on your Mobile phone regularly) then it’s also a great idea to have a mobile rapid Mobile phone charger in the car.

It’s also great for those people who do occasionally forget to re-charge their Mobile phone batteries whilst they’re at home, and don’t realize until it’s far too late. This is one Mobile phone accessory which acts as a great insurance policy.

Hands Free Kit 

The ultimate Mobile phone accessory it’s not only dangerous but generally illegal to speak on your Mobile phone while you’re driving . . . but what happens if you need to make or receive an important phone call while you’re out on the road. Hands free kits usually recharge your phone from the vehicles battery too . . . so that’s a double whammy!

Hands Free Earpiece 

This Mobile phone accessory goes even one step further than the hands free kit. With this gadget you can talk freely without it interfering with you going about your daily business . . . driving included.

They’re also great for private conversations . . . I remember once being the passenger in a car when the driver received a call from her partner on a hands free kit with a loudspeaker . . .

it was only after the first couple of sentences that she got the chance to tell him that she was not alone in the car . . . . We giggled about that one for months! I think he bought her a hands free earpiece the following Christmas . . .

In Mobile Phone Apps for Travelers

It seems we have been bombarded with mobile phone applications (or apps) recently. Thanks to the introduction of Smartphones, apps have become more sophisticated, offering a whole range of useful services. Many of these apps are particularly useful for travelers, whether you are travelling for work or for a relaxing holiday.

Apps are downloadable applications that can make your mobile more fun and more efficient. More apps are available for Smartphones, but there is a wide selection available for 3 G mobiles too.

Many phone companies, such as Vodafone, will provide apps as part of a package – have a look online at their mobile phone deals to find out more. If you’re booking a trip this year, have a look through some of our recommended apps that can improve the travel experience.

One of the very latest holiday-related apps is World Holiday Calendar. Compatible with all iPhone models, this app is an easy to use compendium of public holidays around the world. This comes in handy when booking your trip, as you can enter your proposed travel dates and see which countries have holidays during this time.

The World Calendar app gives further information about destinations around the world, including population size, currency details, historical and religious backgrounds, as well as international phone codes too.

An indispensable tool for any traveler, particularly those who are planning a foreign road trip, is Icon Find. You choose your destination, and working with Google Maps a map of the area appears with places of interest pinpointed on the map display. These include hotels, petrol stations, cash machines, tourist info offices, banks, hospitals, rest areas, shopping areas, coffee shops and restaurants among-st others.

Search for services by category or area, select one of the pinpointed icons and you will be given details of opening hours, directions and phone numbers for your chosen place of interest, as well as displaying their web page if available.

Travelers who have booked trips via Travel city can now download the free Travel city app. This allows you to access your complete travel itinerary on your mobile, so you’ll know your flight times, check-in times and gate details at the touch of a button, so you’ll never miss a flight again.

Turn Your Android Phone Into a Nintendo

If you grew up the 80, then the chances are that you would have probably played a Nintendo Entertainment System. You might even have owned one yourself.

Do you ever look back on those days and wish that you could still play all those classic games, like Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Donkey Kong?

Well, if you are the lucky owner of an Android Smartphone, such as the HTC Magic or the Samsung Omnia Pro (both available with a contract from Vodafone UK – visit their site for a range of mobile phones) then you can play them on your phone! All you need to do is download the rather nifty Ne-void NES emulator from the Android Market, get some game ROMS from the internet or a DVD, and away you go!

If you want to legally play these games, you have two options. You can either buy the original cartridges (which can literally be picked up for pennies) and then download the equivalent file from the internet, or you can get an authorized Nintendo Classic Games DVD which contains all of the games ever produced for the NES, and port them across to your phone from your PC.

You can then store the game ROMS on the SD card, which saves you from clogging up the internal memory of the phone with 8 bit video games. Games can be saved at any stage, which you could never do with the original system, although the lack of a joy pad means that you have to use the keypad, which can be a little fiddly, especially on games that require rapid button presses such as beat-am-ups and athletics games.

Furthermore, you can’t really play any of the light gun games such as Duck Hunt, which is a shame as those would have been pretty good fun if the developers had found a way to use the touch screen as an alternative control device.

The app runs fairly reliably, and seldom requires a forced reset. The sound implementation is good too, meaning that all the games can be played with their original sound effects and soundtracks, although some games are more compatible than others in this respect.

There is no noticeable lag, and the controls are responsive enough given the limitations of the keypad, although it might be nice to see the other control devices of the Android phone being implemented in future versions.

If you didn’t grow up in the 80, you could be forgiven for wondering why anybody would want to play games with such basic graphics and obvious limitations, but five minutes playing Super Mario Brothers will soon set you right. Ne-void, developed by Yangtze, is available for just £1.99 from the Android Market.

Android App Alarm Clock (Alarm) How to Use Extreme Free Version in Mobile

Android app Alarm Clock how to use Extreme free version an alarm app for Android apps that can be set so that the alarm cannot be canceled without solving the calculation quiz It is a recommended alarm application with stable operation.

It is an alarm app that can be set to a function that cannot be canceled without solving the calculation problem and a fine snooze function (song function), Android app Alarm Clock (Alarm) Extreme is a free version.
All are in Japanese so settings are easy and intuitive. I used a built-in alarm as a standard when I switched to a smartphone, but there were many times that I couldn’t get it, and I was using my old phone as a wake-up.

Alarm Clock (Alarm) it is very useful because it is stable without starting to sleep after starting to use the free version of Extreme.

Android app Alarm Clock (Alarm) Extreme How to use the free version you

can set it so easily that you don’t need to explain how to set it.

As a function

Music alarm, random music alarm can be set by artist or playlist

Can be set to gradually increase the volume of the alarm

Alarm release by solving mathematical problems

Alarm release by CAPTCHA authentication

Alarm release by smartphone shakes

Snooze alarm with countdown timer

Automatic alarm release timer setting

There are various effective functions.
Also, since there is a timer function in addition to the alarm, you can make cup noodles accurately (laughs). Since the calculation problem is scary if you increase the difficulty, I set it to the simplest and set the number of correct answers to 1 question The If it takes 30 minutes to cancel the alarm, it will not crash.

Also, I think that it is not necessary to calculate for alarms other than the alarm purpose. If you ring in the train, you will be very impatient. Well, there is no problem if you set the alarm not to sound in silent mode.
Although it is a very useful alarm application, there is only one difficulty.

Super Basic Method to Import Video From PC to Smartphone

I want to watch videos on my computer on my smartphone. It is a very basic method for beginners to import PC videos to smartphones.
There is a smart way to synchronize I tunes or W MP with apps, but it’s for those who find it cumbersome and confusing just to connect the PC and smartphone via USB.

How to import videos from your PC to your smartphone as

You can see, it’s super easy to watch super basic videos. If you connect your PC and smartphone via USB, you can see the folders on your smartphone’s SD card on your computer. Of the folder, Video is the incorporation Exit If you copy videos from the PC to the folder called.
However, there are several modes when a PC and smartphone are connected via USB, which is a little complicated, and the way the USB connection mode is called and the setting location differs depending on the model.

MT P mode

MT P mode is a mode in which files can be transferred between PC and smartphone. You can use your smartphone like a media player, and you can operate your smartphone while connected to a PC via USB. However, the connected PC must support MT P mode.

Card reader mode

This mode uses a smartphone as a card reader and an SD card as a ream bubble disk (external disk). You cannot operate your smartphone while connected. Mounting and safe removal are required.

The USB connection mode setting is often set in the USB connection settings in the settings or externally connected USB connection, and there are also high-speed transfer mode and power supply mode.

Video file format

By default, it looks like an MP 4 video, but if you put the M X video player app, you can also play FL V and so on. As for the size of the movie, in my case I am encoding with a resolution of 320 x 180 and a bit rate of 1000 kbps. It is beautiful enough and still large, and if it is too large, it may not be able to play properly.

Music can be imported in the same way, but there are some differences in settings such as album art.

Recently, I often watch videos on you tube, etc., and it may be rare to watch videos once I have taken it in, but I took it up as a basic self-study study.

The Web Site Traffic Marketing Solutions

Welcome to the home of the Internet Optimization Network, or ION, for short. This website offers webmasters everywhere a complete solution for all of their web site traffic marketing needs, complete with freeware SEO tools and step-by-step instructions, all for free.

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