WHAT IS VOIP? What exactly is that?

An advanced service, many of which do not know the details and with endless functions and possibilities. Your company already uses the internet. This connection can now also be used for your telephony, is much cheaper than traditional telephony facilities and offers crystal clear sound.

 All services that Voipo offers can be canceled monthly and can be activated immediately. On this page we try to give an appropriate answer to the most common questions.

What does VoIP mean to you in terms of investment?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) uses the internet. It is therefore necessary that you purchase new devices or adapters. However, with an adapter you can continue to use your old device. VoIP ensures efficient handling of your telephone traffic, which saves costs and time.

 With VoIP we take a lot of time and work off your company and its employees. With a selection menu you ensure better handling of telephone traffic. So better accessibility.

And last but not least: a saving of 40% to 70% on your current costs for business calls and subscription costs. You pay a fixed amount per month based on the number of devices and functionalities you have purchased.

Is VoIP complex?

We take the technical matters off your hands. The devices are delivered ready for use. VoIP may seem complex, but in practice we would like to show you that it is not. You fully concentrate on your business operations and Voipoprovides a working telephony environment.

For example: if you want to move soon, this is the ultimate opportunity to switch to an advanced  phone service such as VoIP. Your organization is completely location independent with VoIP. You pack our appliances, move with them and reconnect them. Connected to the internet you can immediately use the phones again. The telephones are not workplace dependent. Moving is therefore very easy, also internally. We only change your data. No mechanics and / or waiting times.

What about the quality of VoIP sound compared to my current service?

Of course, the sound quality of your calls is important. However, it is true that VoIP delivers crystal clear call quality! With the latest generation of VoIP phones it is even possible to make video calls. In addition, the call quality is crystal clear just like the image.

Is VoIP also interesting if I have a single location?

VoIP already gives you advantages with a single location in the Netherlands. After all, VoIP is not all you get. You get an extensive telephone exchange with many functionalities with which you can easily control your telephone traffic. This allows you to optimize your accessibility, save costs, handle your calls better and easily expand if you need new devices.

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