In Mobile Phone Apps for Travelers

In Mobile Phone Apps for Travelers

It seems we have been bombarded with mobile phone applications (or apps) recently. Thanks to the introduction of Smartphones, apps have become more sophisticated, offering a whole range of useful services. Many of these apps are particularly useful for travelers, whether you are travelling for work or for a relaxing holiday.

Apps are downloadable applications that can make your mobile more fun and more efficient. More apps are available for Smartphones, but there is a wide selection available for 3 G mobiles too.

Many phone companies, such as Vodafone, will provide apps as part of a package – have a look online at their mobile phone deals to find out more. If you’re booking a trip this year, have a look through some of our recommended apps that can improve the travel experience.

One of the very latest holiday-related apps is World Holiday Calendar. Compatible with all iPhone models, this app is an easy to use compendium of public holidays around the world. This comes in handy when booking your trip, as you can enter your proposed travel dates and see which countries have holidays during this time.

The World Calendar app gives further information about destinations around the world, including population size, currency details, historical and religious backgrounds, as well as international phone codes too.

An indispensable tool for any traveler, particularly those who are planning a foreign road trip, is Icon Find. You choose your destination, and working with Google Maps a map of the area appears with places of interest pinpointed on the map display. These include hotels, petrol stations, cash machines, tourist info offices, banks, hospitals, rest areas, shopping areas, coffee shops and restaurants among-st others.

Search for services by category or area, select one of the pinpointed icons and you will be given details of opening hours, directions and phone numbers for your chosen place of interest, as well as displaying their web page if available.

Travelers who have booked trips via Travel city can now download the free Travel city app. This allows you to access your complete travel itinerary on your mobile, so you’ll know your flight times, check-in times and gate details at the touch of a button, so you’ll never miss a flight again.

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