The Best Free Android Tablet Games and Entertainment Apps

The Best Free Android Tablet Games and Entertainment Apps

There are hundreds of games available both paid and free games for android tablets. Every game has its own features and attractions to play with. Many other games for android are being developed and enhanced for the benefit of tablet users, taking advantage of the additional features and capabilities. This is a follow up of our “Top Android Tablet Games“, but with a focus on free games.

Android tablets are suitable for different games and other high-end apps with better graphics, and there are hundreds of free games already that are very popular among users. The popularity of the game depends on feedback given by the end users and gamer. Here are few games which are very popular, and more importantly free of charge:

Angry Birds:

Sorry, but it’s a “best” listing and we have to include it, although it’s probably installed on your tablet already; Rodrigo’s exceptionally popular game is fun and runs nicely on Android tablets. The I Pad version of this game has already made it to one if the most popular games across all categories. The game has very simple concept: to launch angry birds at lazy pigs in forts. The animation of the game is excellent.

Slice it:

This is nice and lightweight game with some mind utilization required. It is a puzzle like game in which different figures need to be sliced into equal parts or equal areas. It is a 20 stage game presently but has option for adding extra stages and enhancements. The space needed for installation of the game is very small–about 6 MB.

Crazy Snowboard 1.0.3:

A well-known game for I phone and I Pad which is now available in an android version for tablets It is being introduced as free to download. This is great-looking game which gives you the natural experience of snowy vistas with different type of missions to complete.

It has 30 missions and many other snowboard features with exciting capabilities in it. It is 3D excellent experience with soft controls on and a timer integrated properly on the screen. This game can work on any android OS version greater or equal to 2.1.


This is an excellent game for those who like action games with a strategy element. It’s exciting to play online and free game and works just fine on tablets. The game has many different scenarios and different options. The graphics are more than OK and so is play ability definitely worth a try.

Paper Toss:

Here’s another enjoyable game for android tablets. The game is developed by Back flip studios, and the concept of this game is very simple: You have to throw the paper ball in to the trash bin or bucket, but you have taken care of all the obstacles and you need to have a rudimentary grasp of the physical laws of motion to achieve mastery in this game.

It has different difficulty levels from novice to expert. It is a popular and addictive game on both handsets and tablets, but the latter offer improves 3D experience and an easy to use interface.

Those are a few of the best free games right now. Other than the ones mentioned above games there are many other free games that are worth a try if you have more time to kill. Also have a look at these ones:

  • Unblock me Free
    • Labyrinth Lite
    • Bonsai Blast 1.8
    • Solitaire 1.12.2
    • Mario Jump 1.0.9
    • Talking tom Cat 1.3.6

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