The 5 Reasons to Buy a 7 Inch Tablet

The 5 Reasons to Buy a 7 Inch Tablet

The clever little tablets have definitely taken the world by storm. Tech savvy people all over the world have identified the opportunities this gadget can bring to the table and tablets are selling like hot cakes from electronic store shelves. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, most of them offer equal amounts of convenience depending on what you are looking for.

From Apple I Pad 2 to the Epee Pad Transformer to the Dell Streak 7, each has their unique advantages. But the smaller category has a few distinct advantages and here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a 7-inch tablet over a larger one.

Reason 1 – Portable:

When compared to your computer at home, tablets offer portability. Now you may wonder: your laptop can offer you that advantage and your smart phone offers you internet connectivity you need of the go as well.

However, in terms of convenient portability the tablet scores over both the smart phone and the laptop as the tablet boots much faster than a laptop and the screen is larger as compared to your smart phone. It may be a little heavy to operate with just one hand, but it is a great companion on the bus or your metro ride or while you are waiting at a restaurant for your date to arrive.

Reason 2 – Efficiency:

If you have already used the tablet, you can vouch for the fact that the experience is like nothing else. Over and above the fact that it can be carried around with ease and browsing web pages easily, the tablet allows you to organize various things better from jotting down notes during a meeting to storing essential information so that you do not have to carry around cumbersome files wherever you go.

The tablet is easy to use and once you get familiar with the various features it has to offer you can use it to increase your efficiency at work and at home for managing various tasks.

Reason 3 – Fun:

Your laptop may be too big to open up on the bus to watch a movie and your smart phone will too small to read an e book or even surf the web. This is where the seven inches table fits in perfectly. You have access to entertainment on the go with this rightly sized device especially if you are looking for entertainment. Watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite songs or even read that book you have been putting off for days.

Reasons 4 – Adaptability:

If you pick the right tablet, you can easily power up your device with a number of applications you can purchase from online stores. These apps will allow you to use it as you please. Depending on what you need, you can choose from sports applications, games, news, entertainment and whatever you can conjure up can be achieved with this neat little gadget.

Reason 5 – Battery Life:

When you buy something that offers on-the-go convenience you do not want to keep plugging it in to keep it going. The 7-inches tablet scores here, too. The amazing battery life will last you a full day.

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