The Multiple Socket Option for Computer System and Home & Office

The Multiple Socket Option for Computer System and Home & Office

Product description

Multiple sockets are required so that you can attach many gadgets at time and run your computer system without any problem. One of the main things which you must keep in mind that a computer system requires plenty of gadgets for smooth functioning Bell in 6-Outlet Home or Office Surge Protector is great product for people work a lot on computer system and need other gadgets too like printer or fax machine attach to it.

This product provides you many sockets so that you can easily attach all your required equipment’s and make things easy. This protects your multimedia and entertainment capabilities, its sleek look gives it smart look and at the same time all cables look tidy. This is one of the best products available in affordable price.

Bell in BE 112230-08 12-Outlet Home or Office Surge Protector with Telephone and Coaxial Protection provides you ample socket to attach many device at time. This is most valuable thing so that many gadgets can work simultaneously and make your work easy and comfortable. This product is great as it provides ample socket to attach many gadgets at a time and run it without any problem, it look clean and smart also.


  1. It is ultra-great product with 2.5 long foot cord.
  2. This product provides performance with 6 outlets surge protector.
  3. You can enjoy many gadgets at time.
  4. It has high value for small home appliances including general household electronics.
  5. This product can easily take load of entry-level computers, printers, and AD S L modems
  6. This product provides great power flow from heavy electric equipment’s.
  7. Its slim design making it very smart looking and look tidy as well.
  8. This product comes with life time warranty.
  9. It even provides Connected Equipment Warranty for 15,000.
  10. It also provides great protection to your equipment’s…

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