Rubik’s Cube Celebrates Its 40th Birthday and Gift of the Year

Rubik's Cube Celebrates Its 40th Birthday and Gift of the Year

It was only a concept, a project 5 years ago, but today it’s finally come true! The Rubik’s Cube inspired the world of decoration by seizing this time the lights: the lamp Rubik’s Cube!

In fact, Rubik’s Cube has had for many years many derivative products of all kinds that come to accessorize every room of an apartment / house, but there was still no Rubik’s Cube! And this fixture is not just a fixture, because it is also the game itself! The object can be bright and play both the mythical game of the 80!

Original, trendy and fun, this quirky object will suit all nostalgic and even nostalgic but not that, … Its design will also seduce fans of contemporary, a retro side, and a chic side that will delight everywhere. With its 6 facets and 26 small cubes that will make you turn your head to put them in order, the Rubik’s Cube will always fascinate you .Nice, but also functional, this is the real asset of this lamp Rubik’s Cube!

You will be surprised to have fun with the little cubes of this game of the 80s! Turn it around and try to reform the color faces of this Rubik’s Cube .Practical, playful and decorative! 3 in 1 for an object that will certainly become THE gift of the year!

This officially licensed Rubik’s Cube product is recharged via a supplied USB cable and can be used for up to 2 hours (up to 8 hours). This 12 cm cube on each side will give a little geek touch to your interior design! And for an even more modern and modern side, the Rubik’s Cube mood light comes with a base to put it on one of the corners of the cube: smart!

Enjoy Rubik cube and pass your time with good memories.

Today the Euro news website tells us that the Rubik’s Cube is celebrating its 40th birthday this week, and this cult object from the 80 has not finished breaking your head because it still has the coast! Indeed, an exhibition was even prepared on this theme called “Beyond the Rubik’s Cube”. Its objective is to return to the birth of this game, and its climax and its crossing in time! A real feat for a 40 year old game!

Created by Reno Rubik a Hungarian architect and designer who wanted to make his students reflect on the internal mechanism of the object

Here is the internal mechanism of the puzzle in its classic version (3x3x3).

After having colored the surfaces of the cube and having them mixed, the initial order of the facets was difficult to find, so it was only after he had the idea of ​​marketing his “puzzle”. In less than two years, the Rubik’s Cube has been a real success, thanks to the partnership with Ideal Toys. A success that still continues today…

Since its creation, there are many models of this famous puzzle, the pocket cube (2x2x2), the classic version (3x3x3), the Rubik’s revenge (4x4x4), and the professor’s cube (5x5x5); and the V-Cube (6x6x6) and the V-Cube (7x7x7).

This money box Rubik’s Cube will save you money to offer you the gift of your dreams, for your holidays, or just in case of need! In any case, with this object you will not need to torture your brain!

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