The E Type Beta Best Software for You

The E Type Beta Best Software for You

If you are an avid user of English for professionals, academics or entertainment, certainly it is not uncommon that you faced doubts about the best word to use in a particular sentence or phrase. Writing well is not only a question of content, but also has the necessary knowledge to use the right words at right time.

E Type helps you to compose texts in English, because every three characters you type, a list of suggested words appears. The program also includes a thesaurus for when you need to tailor the language to the type of message or person who will read your text. You can also select one of four languages for which words can be translated: Spanish, Hebrew, German and French.


To be able to use e Type, first you must register your e-mail address on the developer’s website. Enter your e-mail address in the corresponding field and click “Go”. Stay tuned to your mail box, because the message of e Type can arrive at any time or take several hours.

When the message arrives, download the setup file and when prompted, enter your e-mail address and password you received in the message. After that, just follow the steps of the installation.

How to Use?

As already mentioned, the program will suggest words as you type. You can even change the number of letters that what e Type must wait for you to type until it begins to make suggestions. Be careful not to accept suggestions without wanting.

Every time when e Type suggest a Word and you press enter or the SPACE BAR, the program understands that suggestion was accepted. If you do not want to use the suggested word, while the suggestion is active, press the ESC key to disappear it. When you begin typing the next word, the menu reappears.

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