How to Avoid Mobile Phone Theft

How to Avoid Mobile Phone Theft

The ubiquity of mobile phones has opened pocket thieves a wide field for good money. Stealing mobile phones has become even more profitable than wallets. It’s not difficult to sell a cell phone, it doesn’t need charging or the attached documents, but it’s much harder to catch a thief.

You can steal your handset in various ways. Next, we present some of the simplest tricks used by pickpockets to appropriate other people’s devices. The classic way – a mobile phone is simply imperceptibly pulled out of your bag or pulled from a belt.

The main condition is a large number of people around. And the crowd is the perfect place to steal. There you definitely do not pay attention to the next push that robbed you of your favorite phone.

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to put the mobile phone deeper in the bag, rather than think it to the belt or hiding it in the outer pockets of the backpack. Of course, you have to tinker to get it if necessary, but there will be something to get. For storage of cellular covers in the form of holsters, equipped with Velcro, which cannot be opened silently, are great.

If the thief nevertheless got to the phone, you have one last chance: immediately call your number from any available device. Perhaps you are lucky, and you will notice a slow thief, imported with a stolen device.


Not all criminals are as stupid as it seems, many are developing phased theft schemes. For example, a pretty young girl turns to you for help: you need, they say, to call a late girlfriend. As a worthless gentleman, you cannot refuse a girl, so give a mobile phone. No, she will not run anywhere with him, but the truth will talk with the “girlfriend” for a minute.

But then it’s worthwhile to take a closer look, because depending on several factors, they can act with you as follows: either someone “accidentally” almost knocks you off, and the girl runs away, or when the phone is transferred, the teenager grabs him and hides in an unknown direction.

The fault of the girl in both cases is undeniable; however, it will be extremely difficult to prove this to the judge. There is only one advice in such a situation – in no case do not give your mobile phone to strangers.

But even if you don’t have a cell phone, they can easily rob you because of it. Thieves distract a potential victim in this way: in a public place a neatly dressed person approaches you with a request to set up a non-functioning device for some reason, and while you, good soul, delve into the menus and settings, new owners will find your suitcase with a wallet.

In order not to get into such a situation, you need to rely only on your own ingenuity and not play with other people’s phones for a long time.

If your mobile phone was stolen from the towel from the beach, then this case is almost hopeless. You can confidently give 97% out of a hundred for the fact that you will not be able to return your favorite handset back.

But some measures must be taken. Call the office of your mobile operator and ask to block your number so as not to find huge debt on your personal account. It is also desirable to add the device to the blacklist of the network, which makes it impossible to reuse it in the same network.

Different passwords and PIN codes are also not an obstacle for thieves. Any of them can be hacked and deleted. Such a “protection” is suitable only for households and colleagues, it will not save professionals.

The usual situation with theft is the incessant calls to your home number from your mobile phone. It is not difficult for a thief to find the inscription “home, don, my, house” on the phone book, but he really likes to play on your nerves. Yes, and the balance on the stolen SIM-card is still in the black, and the thief just conscience does not allow her to throw it. In this case, you can contact the police with a statement, but you will rather suffer from such an act than an attacker.

It very rarely happens that you are offered to return the phone. If you were born under a happy star, then the device will really be returned to you, but often you are simply led by the nose. If you yourself found someone else’s mobile phone, the best option would be to take it to the office of the mobile operator of the network to which it is connected. Just look at the SIM card and you will understand where to carry the device.

Not only Russian citizens suffer from cell phone thieves, this also happens quite often abroad, but measures to combat theft are much more serious. For example, in the UK, the law prohibits not only changing the IMEI code of the device, but even storing and distributing information and related equipment.

Australian mobile operators are also not idle. They created a common database of IMEI numbers of stolen phones, which is supported by all telephone companies without exception. Now, attackers will not be able to use the stolen device in Australia, since there is not a single “open” network left there.

Everyone can lose a mobile phone, and you should not blame anyone. It is better to immediately draw the appropriate conclusions, so as not to step on the same rake twice. Better yet, heed our advice.

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