How to Choose a Tariff Plan

Cellular communication is an integral part of modern life. Almost any person with an average income has a mobile phone, which constantly requires a certain amount of money for daily calls. It is logical to assume that the owner of the mobile phone would prefer to pay for mobile services as little as possible.

The first step towards saving is choosing a mobile operator. Before buying a tariff, you should make inquiries about the quality and cost of services of various mobile phone companies. It is best to ask the opinion of close friends and acquaintances, to inquire whether they are happy with everything. Their personal experience is more objective information than various booklets and brochures.

Based on the fact that calls on one operator’s internal network are always cheaper, get the package of services of the company that most potential applicants use in your phone book. For example, it is best to choose one operator for the whole family or work team.

Cellular companies are clever in every possible way, trying to achieve one main goal: luring potential customers. For this purpose, a huge number of “motley” tariffs are put on sale, among which a representative of any public stratum can choose a suitable option.

To select a tariff for yourself, from the very beginning you should discard those offers that at least do not meet your requirements. For example, if you need roaming, feel free to discard those options in which this service is not available. In the end, you will have a small list of tariffs that meet almost all your needs.

You should be warned once again that the real terms of tariffs never fully correspond to the offers written by advertising, as marketing tricks imply an intentional indication of the lowest price possible. Therefore, before buying a tariff, carefully read all the conditions for its use, including notes written in small print, affecting the entire tariff plan no less than the rest of the text.

For clarity, we give some examples:

Subscription fee – for or against?

If there is a monthly fee, the cost of a minute of conversation is usually lower than usual. To calculate the benefits, we divide the monthly fee by the difference in the price of a minute of conversation at different tariffs. The result is the so-called “critical time”. We compare the total talk time with the “critical” one: if the first indicator is less than the second, the option with a monthly fee is immediately swept away.

Calculation of the tariff in seconds or minutes?

Per-minute billing is always cheaper. To verify this, divide the total call time by their number. The fractional part is equal to 50-55 seconds – excellent, then the tariff is favorable, and it is worth choosing it. For example, 58 sec, 1 min 52 sec, and 2 min 55 sec – this is a good indicator.

In order not to cross the line between profit and loss, multiply the price of a second by 60, subtract the price of a minute with per-minute billing and divide by the price of a second. It’s worth considering if this indicator is at least 10 seconds. Otherwise, per second tariffing is more suitable for you.

Tariffs with a fixed price of a minute

With a difference in the cost of calls to stationary devices and mobile phones and without it, as well as tariffs with a changing call price depending on the time of day.

It is worthwhile to approach the consideration of these proposals comprehensively, based on practical goals. This means that the choice entirely depends on the circle of your friends and the time of communication, so thinks carefully and boldly purchases a suitable tariff.

The presence of roaming or its absence

This criterion today does not play a special role, since almost any tariff plan has a roaming item in the list of services provided. But there are several indicators that may affect your choice. For example, pay attention to whether it is necessary to have a certain amount on your account to activate roaming, or you can turn it on simply with a positive balance, because sometimes the required amount is a pretty impressive figure.

It is also advisable to check with your operator the coverage area of ​​his network. It may happen that this company has a “home” network at the point of your business trip. Once you go abroad, find out the cost of the services of a local operator: perhaps its services will cost you and your family much cheaper.

And of course, the most important rule – do not get hung up on one company and a specific tariff plan. Modern mobile operators monthly introduce more and more profitable new tariffs, leaving old offers unchanged. So loyalty to one operator can bring you losses over time. It is recommended to change the tariff plan at least once a year, and more frequent transitions are absolutely not forbidden.

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