Watch Movies on Your Wall Using This I Phone Projector

Watch Movies on Your Wall Using This I Phone Projector

One additional instruments in and enthusiastically received by consumers of China and Japan is a small device that transforms the i Phone plugged into the phone to the display device. I Phone users can share videos or photos stored on their computers on the wall for the amusement of family and friends. This new entertainment tool has a small speaker, and we can expect even YouTube clips, point of advertising copy.

Weighing 32 grams and dimensions of small (57.5 × 48 × 16 mm), the device can display a small image appear on the wall a few meters from inches to 25 km. Cannot adjust the lens and the clarity of the projected image which has a resolution of 320 × 240 and a brightness of 10 candles.

No device can also view video clips of view thumbnails stored on iPod touch, and can also be used to connect the I Phone to a TV or a video game apparatus through the USB and video cables. In Rico users pack the viewer will also find a small tripod, bracket the i Phone / iPod and USB and AV cables properly them.

Recently published, the tool that is already sold in the provision of a small test available in the retailer Thanks the first day after the launch in Japan Can be found on the I Phone Mini Projector stores in the Khabarovsk district in Tokyo or in the shop for about $ 200.

Provided by the retailer under the Chinese name “Picot cinema multimedia” device costs $ 88, about $ 120 with shipping charges for customers in the United States. There is also the option of free delivery is available but retailers warn that the delivery time of up to 43 days, and China Airmail has a tracking system incompatible and they may even lose the package.

Apple is “almost certain” to declare for 3 Bad at its next event on March 7 Many may ask, what about the next I Phone Unfortunately, nothing is being talked about next i Phone yet. The exception report Tamarack a Japanese site, which reported that the I Phone will be launched next year again in the fall of this year.

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