About the Technology Tracking System

About the Technology Tracking System

Technology Tracking is the result of a compelling partnership between Netiquette, Europe’s largest science and technology organization, and the Institute of Physics Publishing. Institute of Physics Publishing is one of the world’s pre-eminent science and technology publishers and an integral part of the Institute of Physics, an international professional body and learned society with more than 37,000 members worldwide.

The aim of the programmer is simple: to provide industry professionals with a strategic insight into new technology developments that could impact on their business either by feeding in to new product development or by posing a competitive threat. Each report provides a detailed overview of the technology, as well as an in-depth analysis of the applications and market opportunities for the technology.

The project draws on Ninetieth’s renowned expertise in a number of leading-edge technologies, ranging from security solutions through to renewable energy sources and microelectronics and optics. The company now offers technical and management consultancy services to customers wishing to make the best use of technology, either by optimizing their existing systems or by developing, building and implementing new solutions.

Netiquette is also keen to form partnerships and joint ventures with companies who believe in the importance of technology, and the organization’s patented inventions are available for commercial exploitation through licensing agreements.

Equally important is the publishing expertise offered by the Institute of Physics Publishing. Senior editorial input into each report draws out critical points of interest and ensures that technical concepts are described clearly for non-specialist readers.

Institute of Physics Publishing, with its wide-ranging experience and knowledge of high-tech industries, is also in a unique position to carry out market research in a range of technology-led industry sectors. Each project can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clients providing the competitive intelligence that is essential to keep one step ahead of your rivals.

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